Dealing with change

Katy Kandaris-Weiner, LPC

Ironic as it is, the only constant is change. After the last year and a half, we have all realized how much has changed and how quickly what was “normal” was suddenly no longer a guarantee. And now we are moving into another period of change as social situations are becoming more accessible, travel destinations are opening up, and schools and workplaces are preparing to return to in person gatherings. Some of these changes are more within our control than others, but regardless of how much is within our control facing change can be challenging. Here are some ways to engage with change when it presents:

Do not rush.

Change is all about transition and adjusting and each person is going to adapt to changes in their own time. Move at your own pace and try to take time to reflect on how you are adjusting and how you want to adjust.

Acknowledge the emotions.

There is likely to be some emotional response to change and the healthiest way to address those emotions is to feel them. Even positive change involves some grief as we move from something we know to something new. Allow the feelings to show up and allow yourself to feel them.

Have realistic expectations.

Managing expectations when encountering change is important because it is easy to feel overwhelmed or disappointed when change happens differently than hoped for. Talking with others who are supportive and provide a realistic point of view can help you enter periods of change looking for opportunities instead of expecting certain results.

Remember all change is temporary.

No change is permanent - remember the only constant is change. Even if this change has felt difficult and has created feelings of discomfort, know that this is temporary. This change will end and new change will come, and perhaps that change will be easier to embrace.

Talk with someone.

Find people who are supportive and trustworthy. Open up to others and share your experiences, because it is likely there are others who feel similarly and are also looking for connection during this time. Ask for help if you find that new change is negatively impacting your mental health. Working with a mental health therapist is a great way to prepare, process, and adapt to change.

We know change can be difficult and uncomfortable, but we also know that you are not alone and that you have skills that can help you deal with changes. If you find yourself struggling with change and in need of support and skills, please reach out to our office and schedule an appointment. We are here to help you navigate any change that comes your way.

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Katy Kandaris-Weiner, LPC

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