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Can Depression Cause Memory Loss?
We know depression is related to other mental health disorders and can affect a persons executive function. But how doe it affect memory?
Brainspotting vs EMDR
EMDR and brainspotting both use the brain-body connection to treat trauma. What sets them apart?
Attachment Series Part 5: Disorganized Attachment
Someone with a disorganized attachment style has fears about both intimacy and independence.
High-Functioning Anxiety
Someone with high-functioning anxiety might simply appear determined and high-achieving, but inwardly, they are struggling with fear and worry.
Attachment Series Part 4: Fearful Avoidant
The fearful avoidant attachment style is rooted in trauma, and can cause a person to be distant, fearing emotional intimacy.
Does Vaping Cause Anxiety?
Vaping has been marketed as a "better" alternative to smoking, but does it carry some of the same ill effects?
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