Relationship Issues

Partnerships should be full of love, support, and trust. What if they’re not? Everyone will encounter relationship issues from time to time. Learning how to resolve them—together and as individuals—can help make the relationship even stronger.

Who Should Seek Counseling for Relationship Issues?

Counseling aimed to tackle relationship issues is for any person who feels room for improvement in their relationship. No matter if you’ve been in a relationship for 15 years or five, if you aren’t currently in one, or if you have one partner or multiple, you can resolve anything affecting your relationships with talk therapy.

Many behaviors or expressions of emotions are learned from past experiences and impact those you love negatively. Many different types of therapy are meant to correct these dysfunctional behaviors so that you can resolve your relationship issues more effectively.

How is This Different From Couples Counseling?

Resolving relationship issues can be done both in couples counseling and individual counseling. Couples counseling is meant to help people in a relationship work together to respond to or get ahead of an issue.

Individual counseling can help with whatever issues you want to address. That includes relationship issues. While you can’t change what others do, you can adjust your behavior in your relationships. 

Inner Balance is here for anyone wanting help with relationships–whether you’re in one or seeking one, or if you recently got out of one. 

Learn more about couples counseling at Inner Balance here.

What Kind of Relationship Issues Can Inner Balance Help With?

Relationship issues can be anything that’s keeping you from feeling completely happy and fulfilled in your relationship. In-person or online counseling can help with a wide range of concerns:

  • Having trouble talking about your feelings
  • Becoming closed off during arguments
  • Attraction to your partner has changed
  • Difficulty with boundaries
  • Not knowing how to respond to your partner’s needs
  • Reflecting on why your relationship don’t work out 
  • Stuck wondering why you keep picking the same people

Your past shouldn’t hold you back from a happy future. Relationships of all shapes and sizes have huge impacts on us, both good and bad. Counseling at Inner Balance can help ensure that you feel a positive impact from your partner or partners, and teach you what you need to feel satisfied in your relationship.

The Inner Balance Approach to Relationship Counseling

At Inner Balance Counseling, we strive to provide quality clinical mental health therapy and a safe space for you to explore your challenges and concerns. We are different from other places because we care about you. You are not just a number on a page but a person who deserves to be heard and treated with respect.

We know how much healthy and unhealthy relationships can affect each person. When you decide to make the commitment of a relationship, you’re taking a huge part of each other’s emotional wellbeing. Counseling can help you and your partner or partners work with each other better.  

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