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Waking up With Anxiety
Even as we sleep, our body cycles through different cortisol, or the stress hormone, levels. For many, cortisol levels are high when they wake up, causing anxiety. Learn why this happens, and how you can make it better.
What is Micro Meditation?
Micro-meditation promotes all the same benefits of traditional meditation without disrupting your schedule. Learn what it is and how it helps.
What to Do When You Have Family Issues
Family dynamics can be complicated. The inherent bonds of family can mean large and small life changes cause conflict. Learn how to resolve family issues with Inner Balance.
Is OCD Neurodivergent? (and What Does That Mean?)
Being neurodivergent simply means the way you process information is different than "normal." The obsessions and compulsions of OCD seem to make it fit that description. Learn more about what neurodivergent means, and how OCD ties into it.
Signs of a Codependent Friendship
Codependency isn't unique to romantic relationships. Learn how codependent friendships look, and how to set boundaries to take care of your own best interests.
How to Stop Trauma Dumping
Trauma dumping is a one-sided conversation when someone shares their trauma with someone who isn't prepared to listen or help. Learning how to stop trauma dumping means finding healthier outlets.
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