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EMDR Cognitions: Positive and Negative Core Beliefs
Trauma causes us to create pessimistic core beliefs called negative cognitions. EMDR therapy helps us turn them into positive cognitions, and improve our perceptions of ourselves and the world
Can Depression and Anxiety Make You Sick? Part 2: Long Term Health Effects
Depression and anxiety often manifest physically. Left untreated, these mental health disorders have the potential to effect long-term health.
Self-Harm Relapse: How to Prevent It and What To Do if It Happens
Healing isn't linear. Just like addiction, those who have self-harmed in the past may find themselves re-engaging in those behaviors.
Tall Poppy Syndrome
If you have ever been resented, attacked, or criticized because of your successes and achievements, you may be experiencing tall poppy syndrome.
Can Depression and Anxiety Make You Sick?
The body and mind are incredibly interconnected. When your mental health begins to suffer, your physical health may decline as well.
Anxiety vs ADHD: Similarities and Differences
Anxiety and ADHD share a lot of the same symptoms, especially in adults. Learn the similarities and differences, so you can feel confident when contacting a professional.
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