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Attachment Series Part 1: Dismissive Avoidant
Attachment styles are learned in infancy. Those with a dismissive avoidant attachment style feel like they can't depend on others for their needs.
What is Hyper Independence?
Independence is healthy, but pushing people away in favor of "doing it all" can damage your mental health and your relationships.
How to Email a Therapist for the First Time
Emailing a therapist for the first time might seem intimidating, but you don't need to worry. Here's what you need to say and what can wait till the first session.
Blaming Others When Things Go Wrong
We tend to lay blame on everyone or everything else when things go poorly. Unfortunately, blaming others for our poor actions or anger can have negative consequences.
Mental Health and The Holidays: How to Cope with Holiday Anxiety
For many, the holidays aren't so merry and bright. Feeling down when so many are feeling up can make holiday anxiety hard to cope with.
Social Anxiety and Autism: How They're Related and How They Aren't
Many people self-diagnose themselves with social anxiety and autism. While they share similar traits and can occur together, they are fundamentally different.
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