LGBTQIA+ Affirming Treatment

Affirmative therapy means regarding all sexualities and genders positively and with respect. Discover how our therapists’ ability to empathize and relate to your experience will help guide you on your journey to creating your best life.

What is LGBTQIA+ Affirming Therapy?

Affirmative therapy acknowledges and accepts the identity of the client. Sexual orientation and gender identity are not a choice, nor is it the root or cause of one’s problems. 

Providing affirming therapy simply means regarding all sexualities and genders positively and with respect. Affirmative therapy is a fight against substandard and discriminatory care.  

Affirmative care has been growing in the healthcare field and involves more than just psychotherapy. Affirmative therapy began in the 1970’s under the assumption that gender identity and sexuality different from heterosexuality and cisgender, is normal.

Since then, affirmative care has come to be celebratory and empowering. Affirmative providers offer a strength-based approach for all individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

How does affirmative therapy for LGBTQIA+ individuals work? 

Affirmative therapy works by helping individuals integrate their identity into their lived experience. Affirmative therapists hold space to validate one’s experiences of oppression while instilling resiliency. By working with an affirmative provider, you are teaming up with someone that can help advocate for your rights and needs. 

How is LGBTQ counseling unique? 

LGBTQIA+ counseling can provide an intersectional approach to general psychotherapy. Working with all facets of an individual can help provide a clearer picture for treatment goals and the desired outcome a client may have. 

LGBTQIA+ counseling can help an individual understand the social and political implications of their diagnoses and allow for a more collaborative approach to achieving one’s desired wellness. With this community facing uniquely high rates of depression and microaggression, a more tailored therapeutic approach is not only desired, but needed. 

Topics that may be covered regarding this care include:

  • Identity exploration
  • Trauma (including sexual abuse and religious trauma)
  • Relationships (including consensual non-monogamy and other poly-relationships)
  • Shame, guilt, and fear
  • Medical transitioning 
  • Creating a life worth living 

The Inner Balance approach to LGBTQIA+ counseling

The LGBTQIA+ Therapy team at Inner Balance Counseling is available to provide an affirmative approach to therapy and help you reach your therapy goals. Their ability to empathize and relate to your lived experience will help guide you on your journey to creating your best life.

We know this journey has been hard, let us join you on it so that you can find the healing you deserve. 

When you arrive at Inner Balance you will be greeted by your therapist and shown back to their inviting office. Your first session is a “get to know you” session. We will take note of your history, hear your concerns and ask you about your goals. 

Your second session will focus on what YOU want to achieve, not what other people, society, or your family thinks you should be doing. We create a personalized treatment plan so we can help you achieve your goals. After that, we begin journeying down the road of health and healing with you–however long that takes. 

Click below to fill out our consultation request form and discover how Inner Balance Counseling can help you thrive today. 

Gender-affirming evaluation

Here at Inner Balance Counseling, our goal is not to be a gate-keeper but instead to help you reach your goals. 

However, we do follow the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) standards for writing letters for gender confirmation (top and bottom) surgeries, which states:

  1. Persistent, well-documented gender dysphoria
  2. Capacity to make a fully informed decision and to consent for treatment
  3. Be of the age of majority in the country of surgery (and follow SOC rules for children and adolescents*)
  4. Significant medical or mental health concerns, if present, must be reasonably well controlled at the time of surgery

The evaluation consists of a thorough clinical interview and questionnaire to assess for current mental health functioning. 

Contact us to learn more about this process and other mental wellbeing services we offer.

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