Lynne Davis, LAC

Hi, I’m Lynne. I am passionate about creating a safe space for people to process the hard aspects of their life and to discover what their needs are and how to have them met.

Perhaps you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and hopeless. Or maybe you avoid facing your emotions because they feel like too much, which leads you to feeling depressed or that the ways you’ve found to cope aren’t working for you anymore. Maybe it feels like the trauma you’ve experienced lingers in so many parts of your life and you just want to be free from the heavy burden you’re carrying.

You may feel that you try really hard to enjoy the life you’re living, but it never seems good enough. In fact, you feel like you are never good enough. So much of your life feels out of control, and you just want to take back some control of your life.

It is common to feel like no one understands or is really there for you in the ways you need. You just want to feel that you matter and that someone understands the struggles you’re facing.

I understand that It is sometimes hard to have hope that life can be different, so as a therapist I get to hold out hope when hope feels far away. My goal in therapy is for you to feel heard and understood. I would be happy to walk alongside you on this journey you’re on.

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